Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kitting out THE BEAST

Wow, little did I know. There is a 3 hour long course in how to operate a RV, and a hot line for when you forget how to do it. And manual books that will take up all the room I had saved for a library.

Buying new stuff is always fun, and I just ordered a few top books from I skipped the RV for Dummies, just can't get past the name and have never purchased and "Dummy" book. Actually I know an author of one of them, and he is truly a dummy, so they are not kidding and I am not that dumb.

For the RV everything has to be mini sized. There are very neat collapsible bowls, and I have an old set of Correll very tightly fitting dishes, but really want new jungle theme ones. Seems like I can get lots of items but not in my jaguar or leopard print.

I'll be sending photos soon, and warming up the generator.

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