Thursday, February 4, 2010


I have now spent one night in The Beast. It was miserably cold in Orlando, Florida, and damp and a really nice day to be inside and warm. The furnace works great! It is noisy and I had to turn up the sound on the 6th season of "24" when it came on, but it kept me quite comfortable.

I am thinking of "investing" in a Campfire in a Can to give us some authenticity - ain't that a real joke - at our camparoos... Every safari needs a good campfire?

They don't come cheap, and seems like everything needs another LP tank, I am going back to find if I can just put an auxiliary hose on the big tank and run the cookers, campfires, etc, off the same huge tank that is built into The Beast.

Parked at our storage facility, it is not as quiet and lonely as I had thought. Customers come in and out until the gate locks at 9 pm, then a security company does two turns each night, and on my first night the Dumpster Dumper arrived at 3 am. Lovely! The landscapers start going to work at 6 am, and I went to bed at 2 am. Hmmmm, need some sounds to cover the sounds. Have to find my wave machine.

Just scheduled our first official trip. To Bradenton for Spring Training for the Philadelphia Pirates, YUK BASEBALL. It's Ron's request, and since I am trying to get him into the whole motorhome thing, guess it would be a good start. March 6,7,8. We're on the way!