Monday, March 8, 2010


Our first weekend in the belly of The Beast. A 4 hour drive, with our first fill up of gasoline. Woo Hoo 7.6 miles per gallon - wow.. I have no problem driving, hooking up and getting set up. Ron, the Bear, has no problem watching me and making the appropriate comments. So, he and the helpful neighbor are taking bets to see if I do it right, while they watch. SHEESH!

We made a reservation online and stayed at Horseshoe Creek in Bradenton on the Braden River. I can't really recommend the river, it's actually a pretty dismal and dank looking swamp, but the campground is very easy to navigate, and spotlessly clean. Lovely lady at the gate, smiling and helpful.

We had a car take us to the first game, $22.00 plus tip for an 8 mile ridc! Holy Toledo, so we drove over early the second day, and parked at the Boys and Girls Club right next to the wall of the field. Great job backing in, the parking dude didn't realize that my camera is also a mike and i can hear him. He and his "helper" were talking about how women shouldn't drive big vehicles, then finally said, "Wow, she can rally park that thing". So we went back the third day. Only cost $20 to park, instead of $50 for a car.

BTW I really snooze on baseball, yaaawnn. Bright side, Ron hated the plastic plates, so a trip to Bealls Outlet store netted four different place settings of fiesta ware, he thought we needed a bit of color!

Most amazing thing, there were two cats on leashes! Tied to the motor homes and enjoying the outdoors. Can't imagine Cici doing that, but I might try it! LOL that will be a trip!

Ron got to drive on I-4 for about half an hour, did great, until we got off and he came within 4" of hitting a guard rail - EEEEEKKK.. Oh well, guess that's why we have insurance. Woke me up, and I took over for the city ride.
Back at College Park, ready for work.

Looking forward to the trip to Rome in May. Might have to have another outing before then, we'll see.