Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Birth of a Safari

Well, it's official. We are the proud owners of a 37' long Forest River Georgetown XL triple slide Recreational Vehicle.

I have wanted one for years, but Ron adamantly refused because of a nightmare trip in a tow behind tin can that belonged to his buddy in 1906, or some time a long time ago. He went to the races and hated it, so decided he was much too good for "camping".

Took me 10 years!!! But I got it, sooner or later - and well I guess the 5 years we spent aboard the condo ship "The World" doesn't really count.

I am planning to learn how to be a RV'er, write it down for others, and start with touring the USA. Ron and I have visited over 125 countries in the world, but I havent' seen the 50 states - now we go on a land safari.

I'll keep you posted, the "BEAST" as I have named her, is being outfitted with an in motion satellite for Ron's football fetish, and a washer/dryer for my convinence. Only one problem remains, where in the heck is the dishwasher??? I forgot to ask, and I don't think I saw one! EEEEEK!

Stay tuned.

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